Current Orders

I’m super busy with orders at the moment, which is a little stressful but great for business. So I thought I’d share some of what I’m working on.

This necklace, sold to a friend, is one of my first experiments with resin. I’ve had quite a challenge getting rid of the little tiny bubbles, but I’m pretty happy with the design.


These kettlebell earrings were for sale at the grand opening of my husband’s gym, Crossfit Metanoia of Fayetteville NC. Stay tuned for a possible full post about the gym itself!


I’m doing variations of these cat cake toppers for three weddings coming up! One of them will include a miniature of the Philadelphia “LOVE” statue.


And lastly, I’ve just sold 4 of my statement necklaces to one customer, which is really exciting because movie-themed stuff is popular (the HTTYD earrings are my best sellers) but I would also like to sell some of my more original designs like these. 

I’ve also had a couple smaller orders in between, and I have new items in the works that I hope to finish eventually! 

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