Gluten Free Crepe Cake

I’m still getting back to my routine after our trip, and working diligently on my Etsy listings hoping the holidays will make up for this month’s sudden lack of sales, but last weekend I decided to do some recreational baking.

I was watching This YouTube Video from Eugenie Kitchen – my intrigue began recently with her slice and bake cookies, which are made much like the polymer clay canes I’m so fond of – and I thought to myself, when did I stop making extravagant desserts just for fun? 

My husband was busy with a competition at the gym so I thought I’d surprise him afterward. Which didn’t exactly work out since he came home earlier than I expected, but he still appreciated it – after listening to me in the kitchen saying, “Ugh it’s not working. Ugh I’m doing it wrong.”

I felt I could probably master Eugenie’s heart pattern at some point, but this being my first crepe cake, decided to keep it simple – besides being gluten and mostly dairy free. We don’t necessarily have food allergies but try to limit certain things. 

So I found This Crepe Recipe and This Pastry Cream Recipe separately on Pinterest and combined them with a simple chocolate ganache (made with almond milk and chocolate chips) and fresh raspberries. I would suggest eating it right away after chilling because the crepes were a little tough as leftovers, but it turned out pretty good, and not bad looking I think.

If I test out a regular recipe I’ll try to post that too. And if you do have dietary restrictions, I’m sure you’ll want to check the ingredients for yourself, but I hope this is something you can enjoy.