New in the Shop: Custom Fairy Houses

If you follow me on social media, you may remember a purple floral/hobbit-inspired fairy house I made for my herb garden with a broken wine glass and, of course, polymer clay.

That was a couple years ago, but things have gotten a little slow recently and I was looking for new ideas again. Fairy gardens and miniatures are all the rage right now, and I love fantasy and making tiny things. It’s also a great way to reuse glass jars, which unfortunately are not recycled in my area.

So I posted in a Facebook group and got some people interested, and these are the first couple pieces we came up with together, as well as a remake of mine. After leaving it outside year-round, I learned what I needed to improve for it to last. I also made a couple extra tiny versions for indoor teacup gardens. 

You can browse my full collection of home decor, which also includes some office and jewelry organization items, on Etsy or on my website.

Do you have a fairy garden? What’s your favorite thing to decorate it with? 

Easy Earring Display Idea

I’ve just finished all my custom orders for the moment, so I thought I’d write a quick post to share a super easy DIY idea – an earring holder made from a window screen.


I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of earrings. I used to have to dig for the pair I wanted when deciding what to wear.

So when I saw a tutorial or two for using screening to turn a picture frame into an earring rack, I decided to make an even simpler one with some window screens I had lying around from another project.

I can’t remember how much they cost but probably not much. And all I did was put the little bracket things on the corners, tie some cord around them, and cover up the ugly label. 

You could certainly make the edges prettier with some fabric, lace, scrapbook paper, paint, etc. But I’m lazy and I think the earrings add plenty of color.


Hang this in your bedroom or bathroom and you can see all your favorite pairs of earrings when you’re getting ready. I actually have a second one in my studio that I use for stuff I’ve made.

Well I hope you like this idea! How do you keep your jewelry organized?

Spring Butterfly Wreath

I have a minor obsession with butterflies at the moment. Maybe it’s because of all the gorgeous species we have here in North Carolina, or maybe that one scene in the Hobbit, or maybe they are just magical, but I love them.

I am also redecorating our bedroom. It was time for a new bed set and I decided on an enchanted cottage theme (more on that later) and somehow got the idea to start making a bunch of butterflies. And then I found this fabulous wreath idea on Pinterest, so of course I had to make some more.

The original wreath project, seen Here at Up to Date Interiors, uses butterfly images printed from the internet. I did the same thing but with black outlines I could color, because printer ink is flipping expensive and I like my new markers. I made some in every color and divided them into coordinating groups for each project. It took at least a few hours between the coloring and the cutting (not that I mind, cause I was also netflixing), but I am really happy with the results. 

I’m glad I stumbled across her post, because I may have had a wreath in mind but I wouldn’t have known what type of wreath form would look best or how to attach the butterflies. Also I love her color scheme. 

Stay tuned for details on my bedroom update! 

New Sewing Machine & Sewing Projects

A sewing machine is something that’s been on my craft wish list for a while. I keep thinking of all the projects I could do if I had one, but then other stuff adds up and it gets pushed to the bottom of the list. That’s the problem with doing multiple kinds of crafts, sometimes you have to pick & choose your supplies.

But my husband and I decided to give each other spending money for Christmas – we’re kind of bad at picking gifts for each other, except maybe fun little things – and I made sure to to leave room for the sewing machine. I even got some gift cards I used for paint, canvas, and clay stuff.

You can always get a used sewing machine on eBay or Craigslist but, little did I know, you can get a decent new one for less than a hundred dollars. They go as low as about $50 at Walmart, or as high as hundreds or thousands. There are all kinds of fancy machines out there, but I’m going to use it for pretty simple stuff. So, after talking to a friend with more experience, I settled on the Brother Basic Sewing & Mending Machine, normally $130, for $70 on Amazon (or at Target or Home Depot).

I’d kind of forgotten most of my sewing experience since using my mom’s Pfaff as a kid & teen, and later a friend’s Singer. But after buying some fabric and finding my sewing accessories, and with a little help from the manual, I practically finished my first project the same day my Brother arrived.

Of course, throw pillows are pretty easy – I didn’t even need a pattern, just measured as I went – but I did do buttons and a zipper and had no trouble switching stitches & presser feet.

Above: setting up the machine, Boots helping me work, and the finished products.

Now I can’t wait to make curtains, and maybe a cat bed and some clothes or re-fashions. I’m happy to say that I still have pretty regular Etsy sales this month, but it’s nice to have projects to do just for fun too (at least, until I mess up my pattern because I’m impatient, or the thread tension goes wonky, or my giant cat will not move but I feel bad for being annoyed). And I love having the option of customizing my clothing & home decor, and/or saving a little money by making them myself.