Playing with buttons…

Super cute, simple, button balloon card!



A friend of ours had a birthday last week, and I needed a card for him. So what did I do? I got out my buttons of course!

I think this is a really sweet, and simple card that anyone can make.

All you need is a blank card (or cardstock), buttons, glue and a black, fine tip marker.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day 😀

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Tallenge Art Contest

Just wanted to write a quick post to let you know about my entries in the traditional art contest on a website called Tallenge. They support up-and-coming artist from all different media and contacted me via Twitter.

I was a little nervous to compete with artists from all over the world, knowing my self esteem might take a hit if it didn’t go well. But my husband was kind enough to think I had a chance, and you never know if you don’t try! Either way, people will see my work.

So here are the paintings I submitted. If you like them please go to the Tallenge website and vote for my work, share a link, etc (click the titles below; you don’t have to join to vote). Or if you’re a fellow artist, submit your own and see what happens!


Sunset in Afghanistan

Haiti Street Scene


Celebrating our Etsy Launch…

Check out this paper crafts shop that just opened on Etsy!

The Official Belle Aurora Designs Blog

We are so happy to finally be up and running on Etsy- we wanted to celebrate! So, as a thank you, and a welcome, we are offering 15% off in our Etsy shop from now until the end of May. Simply use the coupon code ETSYLAUNCH at checkout to receive your discount. Spread the news to all your friends so they can take advantage of this great offer, too.

∗ Beth ∗

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“I Can’t Believe These Are Paleo” Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve probably mentioned that my husband likes to tell people he married me for my chocolate chip cookies, which I sent him every month during his first deployment. So I’m not sure why I never tried to make a Paleo version until a friend of mine tried it first. Probably because I thought they wouldn’t turn out right. But, in the words of Thorin Oakenshield (because I’m a nerd like that), “I have never been so wrong.”


These are so delicious that another friend, who doesn’t even follow the Paleo diet, asked for the recipe. They do taste a little different of course, but the texture is almost perfect. Definitely worth it for the healthy-ish factor. Especially since you might want to eat a lot of them.

I found the recipe {here} at It’s pretty easy for Paleo. The main ingredient is almond flour, with a little bit of coconut flour, which I think soaks up some of the oil from the almonds. It also called for coconut palm sugar; I cheated and used the white sugar I had. Whatever, almost Paleo.

Here’s how mine turned out. Don’t they look like “real” cookies?


The blog I found it on {here} has a list of other Paleo cookie recipes if you’d like to try them.

Also, I have a favor to ask. This blog is pretty new (thanks new followers!) and I would really love some feedback. For example, writing style: not sure if I’m funny or just annoying. Feel free to comment or email, and I might just throw in a coupon for my Etsy shop 😉

Hope you enjoy the recipe (and the random Hobbit reference)!

Favorite Knit & Crochet Patterns for Babies

When you hit 25, you find yourself going to a lot of baby showers. I often find myself in the store at the last minute, googly-eyed and indecisive among all the tiny adorable outfits, and wondering what else babies need. Because I don’t have any babies yet, and there are too many options.

Usually you can’t go wrong with diapers and wipes. Unless you buy newborn size diapers and everybody else buys newborn size too. But, being a crafty girl, I realized if I planned ahead I could make stuff and give gifts with a personal touch. And save money, because I’m thrifty like that. And have something to do with my restless hands while I watch way to many episodes of the latest overdramatic show that I am hooked on. Anyway…

I’m not super advanced at knitting or crocheting, but I’ve been told I make some pretty cute stuff, and I’d like to share a few of my go-to baby patterns and some I’d like to try. These are all free and mostly pretty easy to learn. I usually use Vanna’s choice or Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn.

Basket Weave Baby Hat
Merino Knit Hats in Every Size
Crochet Hat With Button-On Flower

Appliqués to add to hats or other things:
Crochet Bird Appliqué
Crochet Heart
Crochet Tractor

Knit Mary Janes
Crochet Baby Boat Shoes

Crochet Baby Cocoon

Grandma’s Dishcloth Pattern (knit)

Crochet Ladybug Baby Toys
Knit Stuffed Frogs

Here are some I’ve made and gifted. As you can see, I like the hat & bootie patterns.


I am also learning some adorable Amigurumi patterns and will try to post when I finish some. And I want to make some hats that look like things – bugs, monsters, etc – to change up my hats-with-things-on-them trend.

Also, speaking of baby stuff, I started making polymer clay cake/cupcake toppers for my Etsy shop {here} after my friend loved the ones I made for her shower. I just sold my first set 🙂


Anyway, hope you like the patterns. Like I said, I’m not a mom, so I’d appreciate your thoughts on what new parents can actually use!

Spring Jewelry Designs

Just wanted to share some photos of my latest spring-inspired jewelry designs! All available items can be purchased {here} in my Etsy shop.

Purple tulip flower earrings, polymer clay

Blue butterfly pendant, polymer clay

Orange and black poppy pin, polymer clay

Pink bell flower earrings, polymer clay

Blue and yellow beaded necklace, natural stone and Czech glass

Pink lotus flower studs, polymer clay

Easter egg basket pin, polymer clay

I’ve been making lots of colorful new items, these are just a few! Hope you like them!