Garden Update!

When it comes to gardening, I’m definitely not an expert but I’ve done my share of experiments. I think I tried too many things last year and not all of them were successful. 

So this year I decided to keep it simple. In fact, with so many other projects going on, I almost didn’t do a garden this year. But something changed my mind.

There is something very therapeutic and sort of magical about nurturing a tiny little seed into a living plant that produces food to eat or flowers to enjoy. 

So here’s my garden so far – tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs, because we use them a lot and they do well here, and flowers because they’re pretty. Yes, it’s kind of a jungle at the moment. The PVC structure is a makeshift greenhouse; I took off the plastic already. 


I also transformed this ugly cinder block thing into a fabulous ring of sunflowers – and this year I got some tall ones!  


Craft Haul Pt 2 (Amazon & Hobby Lobby)

So I mentioned in my last post that my rotary tool, clay blades, and bead baking rack from Amazon hadn’t arrived yet. But then they did! You can see I bought the cheapo version of a Dremel; I figured it would suffice for light-duty usage. 

Then I ended up going back to Hobby Lobby for more of my usual supplies. 

This time I got clay and such, sandpaper & Velcro for making my own sanding discs, another kind of resin because the Magic Glos got me all inspired to try something new, and patterns because they were 99c and I could use a new art supply bag.  


But then I found the perfect backpack at the random discount store next door! I’m sure I can use my patterns another time.


So I’m busy as usual, working on perfecting my sanding, experimenting with resin, and hopefully doing some just-for-fun items soon 🙂 

Hobby Lobby (& Amazon) Craft Haul

Hi guys! I’ve never actually done one of these craft haul posts before, but I just went to my favorite store with birthday money and a long list, so I thought I’d share!

I usually buy more clay & jewelry supplies, but Hobby Lobby was having a big 50% off sale on scrapbooking stuff, and I’ve just started selling art prints and greeting cards in my second Etsy shop. So I ended up buying mostly papercrafting items – paper and a punch board for envelopes, blades, envelope seals, glue, etc. I went back later and got a postcard template stamp.

But I also got some Christi Friesen powder pigments and some Lisa Pavelka resin (which I couldn’t believe was on clearance!) to try with my polymer clay. Then I ordered blades and a bead rack online and, perhaps the most exciting item – a rotary tool to save my hands from lots of tedious sanding!

The loom bands are actually for my hair, the embroidery cards I use for jewelry box tags, and the miniature light bulbs – can you believe they actually work?? – are for dollhouse lamps. Because I love tiny things and kind of have a knack for making them. 

I haven’t gotten my Amazon items or tried everything yet so I might have to do another post, but I hope this gives you some creative inspiration! What do you usually buy at the craft store?