Cyber Monday Jewelry Set Promotion

Between orders and holiday plans, I’m a little behind on things and still have some holiday crafts and recipes to share.

I will try to get to them soon, but for now I am going to quickly share a Cyber Monday promotion I have going on in my shop!

I’ve been wanting to sell more of my newer jewelry sets made with polymer clay canes, and I also think they would make great gifts.

So this week, Monday through Friday, all jewelry sets at Noelle Lewis Art come with free shipping and gift packaging! Each set includes a necklace and earrings with images of local landscapes or holiday scenes. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you can also re-post this photo for a chance to win a pair of earrings from one of the sets!

So check it out and I hope you can all get through your shopping with minimal stress and enjoy the season! 

Polymer Clay Cane-Making: Mountain Landscape

It’s been a super busy week with making a bunch more jewelry sets for the aSHEville Museum (where I will be attending a meet the artist event early next month), holiday orders starting to come in, and my first sale on Amazon Handmade! 

I’m working on those Halloween posts I promised, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a little of the making of one of my current projects. I finally started taking in-progress pictures of my canes and some of my friends and fans seemed pretty interested. 

Caning allows you to make anything from an abstract pattern to a flower to a complex scene. It’s one of my favorite techniques because it gives you a set of perfectly matching pieces, but because the result is hard to predict, each one is unique, even if you make the same thing twice. 

This set of photos is of an Asheville-inspired mountain scene cane, which I recently remade for the jewelry sets after the first batch started to sell out. The process is relatively simple in this case, mostly just blending and layering colors, but hopefully these photos give you an idea of how it’s put together.


If you’re interested in learning more about cane making, there are a lot of resources online but I would especially recommend Mo Clay on YouTube, who I also mentioned in my Seascape Cane Post. Her videos on landscape canes taught me things I hardly thought possible a couple of years ago, and I’ve been able to use those techniques to come up with my own designs. 

You can now see my video version Here, and you can also purchase my finished cane jewelry on Etsy or My website

Let me know if you have any questions about my canes – or any suggestions on how to make one with trees in it! 

Artisan Jewelry Times Magazine Feature

I’m getting back to work after a busy Halloween weekend and have a few fun projects to share in my next couple of posts.

Meanwhile, my first magazine feature has just been published! I was contacted by the editor of Artisan Jewelry Times about an item in my Etsy shop.

Each issue of the new online magazine includes a number of artists and their stunning handmade jewelry, as well as techniques and color themes. 

My item, a pair of hand-painted seagull earrings, was featured in a section about bird earrings – next to another very cute pair!


It’s encouraging that, after several years of trying to turn my passion into a legitimate job, more opportunities are starting to come my way.

You can check out the magazine at or visit my Etsy shop at to see the earrings and my other items!