Halloween Couple Costume – LOTR: Aragorn & Arwen

I’m going to be doing a series of late holiday blog posts (now that I’ve recovered enough from the actual holidays to write about them, haha). I’ll probably space them out between other posts, but I have some recipes and ideas to share that I hope you can use later this year. 

So first, Halloween. This time Joe made my nerd girl dreams come true and agreed to dress up as Aragorn and Arwen from my favorite movie series, Lord of the Rings.

I had a dress I’d made in high school (as well as a purchased necklace, brooch, sword, action figures – don’t judge me) so all I really had to do for my costume was resize it – shown below with the dotted lines – and find some pointy ears. Ok I didn’t have to get pointy ears but they were awesome.  

My husband ended up wearing a shirt and pants he already had, along with a simple vest and boot toppers I sewed, a wig from Amazon (actually a biblical wig), and, my favorite part, the arm bands I also made, again shown below.


The armbands were inspired by some really legit looking leather ones that I can’t seem to find now, but I made these out of craft foam.   
Here’s us in our finished costumes. It is both exciting and disappointing going to a party as your favorite thing when you put more effort into the details than most people would ever notice. 


Just for fun, here are our pumpkins (each carved on both sides). 


Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! 

Craft Organization: Planner & Swatches 

In the spirit of beginning-of-the-year organizing, I’d like to share a bit about my first planner since high school. I should probably start by saying I’m not naturally the most organized person, depending on what we’re talking about and the mood I’m in. But running a creating business requires keeping track of a lot of things, so I usually have a series of lists on my iPhone – to dos, ongoing projects, etc.

But when I saw Cindy Lietz/PolymerClayTutor’s Planner Ideas Video I was inspired to try it, especially because of the Swatch Section she has for craft shopping, which I will get to in a moment. I didn’t pay attention to what brand she bought and probably wouldn’t have wanted to spend that much due to my never-ending supply list, though it might be worth it if you use a planner regularly.

What I did was pick my own planner on Amazon – a coloring planner that I hoped would add enough fun to keep me using it – and then a half size binder and some tabs and sleeves from Walmart. I had to trim the pages and punch my own holes, but I was able to squeeze it in. You can also buy basic planner pages or even make your own.

I added some pages of my own in between, since I still work better with weekly more monthly to-do lists than daily planning, and some more in the back for things like project ideas, business and marketing ideas, shopping lists, etc.

Then, with some more guidance from various online crafters, I used some half sheets of cardstock and some free printable templates to make swatches of paints, inks, powders, glitters, stamps – even chips of polymer clay!


A few snapshots of some of my planner pages, lists, swatches, and handmade paperclips!

It’s hard to say how useful the actual planner is for me compared to my phone. I’m still getting used to checking the binder, but I feel like I have more room for detail and I don’t have to worry about deleting anything. And of course, the coloring is a nice way to relax and practice with different mediums.

I’m still thinking about how to take inventory of more dimensional objects like tools and jewelry findings, but I think it’s helpful to be able to look at some of what I have when I’m at the craft store. Even if I don’t necessarily keep up with specific quantities, I can remember what I bought in the first place and see what other colors would complement it.

So I hope this gives you some ideas for a fun, useful, and/or budget-friendly planner system (you can find a lot more ideas on YouTube, I just don’t remember which other videos were the most helpful!). Let me know in the comments what kind of craft planning and organizing works for you!