Spring Butterfly Wreath

I have a minor obsession with butterflies at the moment. Maybe it’s because of all the gorgeous species we have here in North Carolina, or maybe that one scene in the Hobbit, or maybe they are just magical, but I love them.

I am also redecorating our bedroom. It was time for a new bed set and I decided on an enchanted cottage theme (more on that later) and somehow got the idea to start making a bunch of butterflies. And then I found this fabulous wreath idea on Pinterest, so of course I had to make some more.

The original wreath project, seen Here at Up to Date Interiors, uses butterfly images printed from the internet. I did the same thing but with black outlines I could color, because printer ink is flipping expensive and I like my new markers. I made some in every color and divided them into coordinating groups for each project. It took at least a few hours between the coloring and the cutting (not that I mind, cause I was also netflixing), but I am really happy with the results. 

I’m glad I stumbled across her post, because I may have had a wreath in mind but I wouldn’t have known what type of wreath form would look best or how to attach the butterflies. Also I love her color scheme. 

Stay tuned for details on my bedroom update! 

My Art on Etsy


Above: greeting cards made from two of my original butterfly paintings.

I mentioned how I’m doing some experimenting with my business this year to see what works best. I have a new website, which this blog is now part of, that displays my art and connects my various web presences. I also tried putting my jewelry shop on another selling platform, but so far I think there’s a reason I’ve stuck with Etsy all this time – it’s what works for me.

That said, I’m trying a different kind of branching out – another Etsy shop! You might be thinking by now that I’m either desperate or have no idea what I’m doing. And you might be somewhat correct, haha. But my jewelry shop is doing pretty well and I want to give my art its own spotlight.

I really enjoy making and selling jewelry – it’s by far my favorite of all the jobs I’ve had. But I’m also really passionate about things like painting. I have been doing both for a long time and I enjoy them in different ways, but I don’t think throwing them together in one shop puts either one in their best light. Of course some people have multiple shops and some people successfully have shops with multiple types of items, so we will see.

My new shop features my original paintings, and I am working on doing prints and greeting cards for some more affordable options. So please head to noellelewisart.etsy.com, and if you use coupon code “WELCOME” at checkout, you can get free shipping on your first order!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share with friends.

Brain Scan.. Not as pretty as my artwork…

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

Dearest friends, fans, FAMILY!
Please reblog, share, tweet, FB, you name it!

Over the years it has been my freehand spray paint artwork that many of you are accustomed to seeing.  There will be more but for now, there is this.  My wife and I are working hard on keeping you up to date.  We are blown away by the more than 60K followers who show there support to us daily on the blog and other social media platforms!

So, here is a scan of my brain and the Tumor is circled. Its bigger than first thought.  On the 9th I have one more MRI w/ spectroscopy to determine the rate of growth and cell types.  Then it gets really hairy.

Ray Brain

I am doing the best I can to be in good spirits and will continue to strive! It really helps knowing I have touched so many people with my artwork…

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New Website Launch!


I may have mentioned beating last year’s sales goal. To be specific, I wanted $1000 of sales and I made about $1600. That’s probably not much compared to some other Etsy sellers out there, but it’s pretty great compared to where I started.

So I’ve started thinking about exploring my options. Etsy is a great place to get started and get traffic, and has a ton of helpful tools for sellers. Despite what I’ve heard from some people, I’ve never had any major problems with it.

But there are other selling platforms out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. And then there’s having your own website, which takes a lot of time and effort and a little more financial investment, but is a great way to establish yourself as a professional and have more control over your web presence.

I’ll spare you further details of my talks with myself about pros and cons (if you’re interested as a fellow seller, the Internet has some great articles on Etsy vs Fill-in-the-Blank and the advantages of a website). For now, I’m still on Etsy but I’ve also launched a site of my own through using GoDaddy’s hosting and website builder (and lots of help from the friendly wizards at tech support, in between fits of rage. Not all “millennials” are techy, LOL, but I’m trying).

Eventually I would like to have selling capabilities on the site, but for now I have an art gallery and pages/links for my Etsy shop and social media sites. Basically it represents me as an artist and ties together all my other art-related stuff on the web. I’m also transitioning this blog to one that is part of the website.

So please check out –> http://www.noellelewisart.com <– It's pretty simple so far, but it's a step, and I would really appreciate it if you would browse my art and maybe share it with your friends/network!

Also, while I'm thinking about my options, I'm trying IndieMade, a website slash selling platform. My shop at http://www.pasticheaccessories.com has basically all my Etsy listings, but you don't need an account to buy 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my website and/or feel inspired to start something new!