Travel Themed Baby Hat and Card

Another friend of mine recently had a baby girl and I wanted to give a handmade gift as usual. 

I like to have an idea to work from, to make each one personal, so I asked about her nursery theme – travel – and searched Pinterest for ideas.

My husband agreed that This Little Pink Aviator Hat would be perfect! It’s actually for sale on Etsy, but I found This Pattern and made my own with a few modifications.

To go with it, I made this hot air balloon card – a simple drawing, colored, cut out, and layered. 

I added some bath stuff and a bag and it was ready to go (sometimes I do matching booties but my other projects were piling up)! 

I’m thinking about doing some more cards like this for my shop, since they might be a little more fun and personal than my art print cards. I would appreciate any suggestions! 

Handmade at Amazon and the aSHEville Museum

It’s been a crazy week, helping my husband out while a gym-related injury has kept him medicated and lying on the floor in pain. Sometimes he works out too hard, but then again, sometimes I craft until sunrise. What can I say, we are passionate people.

But we’re starting to get back on track and I have some exciting things coming up.

I try not to say a lot of negative stuff  about Etsy. It’s worked for me and I’ve never really had a bad experience. But I’m a little concerned with the direction they are going at the moment, and it’s generally a good idea to try more than one thing anyway. 

Maybe that’s why I was intrigued when other sellers started talking about a new handmade marketplace at Amazon. There are some worries about higher fees and customer expectations regarding price and processing times. But the much higher traffic rates could be a great opportunity for a shop like mine to grow. I wasn’t invited like some people, but I applied and was accepted.

I was also contacted by the aSHEville museum, a women’s cultural museum in nearby Asheville, NC, about consigning some of my jewelry. This could also be a great way to get exposure for my work, possibly a chance to connect with other creative women, and an excuse to visit my new favorite city. 

This all feels a little intimidating but very exciting. I think I’m at a point with my business where I’m starting to figure out specifically what I want to be doing, and I hope these opportunities will help me share that. 

So I am currently setting up my Amazon profile and products, and I will be making some extra jewelry sets for the museum. It’s going to be a busy month or so. Then we’re visiting family in California for my brother’s wedding, and after that I’ll be preparing for the holidays. So basically a busy rest of the year! But hopefully worth it.

Let me know what you think about Handmade at Amazon – would you sell or shop there?

Meanwhile, here’s the sunflower set I just finished to go with the poppy one. There are also magnets and cards. If you’re on Twitter, follow @NoelleLewisArt and keep an eye out for a giveaway! 

Sunflower 3D mixed media painting
Sunflower mini 3D painting
Sunflower art jewelry set

Rearranging Etsy Shops / Reintroducing Art Jewelry

There’s nothing like starting your day with new orders in both of your Etsy shops. Admittedly, this basically never happens for me, but today was a good day.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little update on what I’m doing with those two Etsy shops. It’s probably annoying how often I change things, but I’m still figuring out what works and I don’t want anyone to be confused in the meantime.

I’ve always sold jewelry in my first shop, PasticheAccessories, albeit with changing styles and mediums over the years, and recently ornaments and cake toppers to supplement seasonal sales. Since I opened my second shop, NoelleLewisArt, I have been using it to separate out my paintings.

But I’ve realized I have at least two different styles of jewelry – the stuff that’s fun and popular like my movie and fitness themed items, and the stuff that’s artsy and time consuming such as my landscape cane pieces. 

I want to allow the one to shine without discontinuing the other, so I’m experimenting with moving some of what I’m calling “art jewelry” over to my fine art shop. This will allow me to have more appropriate branding and pricing, and maybe give me a foot in the door for selling more paintings. Meanwhile, my jewelry shop can remain more or less as it is. 

I will also be offering some items discounted sets as the holidays approach – for example, $5 off when you buy a matching necklace and earrings – and possibly a free shipping coupon in case someone orders from both shops and I can combine shipping. This came up today with an international order, which of course is not cheap to ship. 

So let me know if you have any thoughts on this change, as a customer or as a fellow seller! And here’s a peek of the newest collection being posted in my art shop – I’m also working on a sunflower version!


Poppy Fields Mixed Media Painting
Poppy Fields Mini Mixed Media Painting
Poppy Fields Necklace, Earrings, and Barrette