Our First Cruise

I mentioned that Joe and I were going on vacation since he just got home from deployment. We decided on a cruise, something we’d never done that sounded like fun, and booked with Carnival to the Bahamas. It ended up being an interesting experience so I thought I’d share. 

First, some of the negatives. The ship, although it seemed like the Titanic to us, was on the smaller side and packed with people. It also turned out to be a bit of a party cruise, and since we’re basically forty-somethings in twenty-something bodies, day drinking and loud entertainment are not really our thing, LOL. We also didn’t expect to pay so much for pictures and drug store items (I had horrible dizziness from the ship moving, and got sunburned despite multiple applications of sunscreen because #palegirlproblems). 

But onto the positives. We got to spend some time together, meet some other couples, see beautiful and interesting places, and even ride horses in the ocean. The activities cost extra too, but the nice thing with a cruise is that your transportation, room, and food are already included. Some of the entertainment was also pretty good. Joe got to work out in the gym on board and I got to paint (carefully) in our room and see some art. On the way back we visited a friend in Florida and went to the butterfly exhibit at the museum. 

So if we went on another cruise we might pick a different ship/cruise line and pack differently. You’re supposed to bring nice clothes for the dining room but we went a little overboard just in case. Also we would probably bring movies because internet is ridiculously expensive and you can’t stream anything anyway. A little down time is nice with so much going on. 

I’m still trying to get back into my normal routine, but you can probably expect some vacation-inspired paintings when I get around to it. Until then, I hope this was interesting and maybe somewhat informative.


Crafting With My Husband

My husband is home from his six month deployment to Africa. It wasn’t that long, as deployments go, but after three of them you get pretty independent, and you really have to try at reconnecting afterward. But it’s easy to get lost in the daily demands of work, housekeeping, and socializing. 

That’s why we decided to go on vacation together instead of visiting family right away, and it’s why we’re working on planning activities together besides just sitting around or going to dinner (not that I mind those two things).

This can be difficult when our interests are so different. He’s a Crossfit coach and I occasionally go jogging; he likes to draw once in a while and I paint and make jewelry for a living – or part of a living, haha. But we are trying to meet in the middle. 

So I’ve been doing some quick, simple workouts with him, and last night he spent an hour or two doing crafts with me. Here’s my tiny mushroom house and his big dinosaur (they’re not quite finished).


Of course, we don’t have to share each other’s passions to appreciate them. There’s nothing wrong with being different, and there are plenty of other things for us to do (next up: day trips around North Carolina). But it doesn’t hurt to step into someone else’s shoes for a bit, and maybe have some fun while you’re at it!