DIY Incredibles Couple Costume

Our friends’ epic Halloween party happened to fall on our last night together and we wanted to spend it alone. So instead of coming up with new costumes, this year we wore our old Shrek & Fiona ones for the trick-or-treaters and ate candy and watched a Shrek movie, with our cat making Puss in Boots eyes at us over the candy bowl.

So I don’t have a new costume idea to share, but I never wrote a post about our costumes from the year before last, when we went as Mr. & Mrs. Incredible. He bought his costume (which our friend altered to fit his height) and I felt like making mine. But the idea is pretty much the same for both, minus a few details.

Most of the costume was actually pretty simple. I was inspired by {this family’s idea}. They used sweats and cut the logos out of felt; I used leggings and a thrift store shirt and painted it on. Then I bought some cheapo black underwear (I see a lot of people on Pinterest wearing shorts instead, which would probably be less awkward), gloves, a mask, and a fashion wig from Amazon, and I happened to have some black boots (but I also wore tall black socks so I could take the boots off).

For the logo: I discovered that you can use acrylic paint in place of fabric paint. It’s similar, just not quite as flexible, and of course as an artist I already had some. I sketched out the design on some contact paper (you can actually print it from the link above) and cut out separate pieces so I could stencil one color at a time. Then I stuck it to the shirt and painted the black background, then the yellow, orange, and white, letting it dry in between.

I also painted the waistband of the underwear and, surprisingly, the paint stretched enough to put them on over the leggings!

So here’s us at our friends’ party, the first time we won the couples costume contest. Maybe I have an unfair advantage as a crafter with free time. Or we just really look like superheroes and fairy tale characters 😉


Well I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween! If you liked this, check out our {DIY Shrek & Fiona Costumes} from last year!

DIY Princess Fiona Costume/Medieval Dress (and Shrek Outfit!)

Okay, so I’m a little late for Halloween, but I was pretty proud of this thrift store DIY, and it got a lot of compliments, so I wanted to share. You can file it away for next year, or if you’re like my family back home and enjoy renaissance faires, you might use it sooner. So I am going to show you how I made my dress and hopefully inspire a project of your own!

The first step, of course, was deciding who we wanted to be. Joe and I are fans of Disney/kids’ movies. He’s naturally a big guy and I like to wear pretty things (FYI, putting on a princess crown is pretty much an instant fix for a bad day). So with a little deliberation, we chose Shrek and Fiona. Then, after Googling our characters to check outfit details, we hit the thrift store to see what we could find, because it’s cheap and fun, and the craft store for the rest.

I was looking for either a green shirt and skirt or a full dress, and ended up finding a sleeveless dress and a long sleeve shirt to wear under it. Then I bought gold ribbon and fabric paint for the decorations. The dress had some bows and a high neckline, so the first step was removing the bows and cutting the neck square (had to cut the shirt neck too to match). Don’t mind my cat, he likes to “help.”


After that, I tried it on and pinned the ribbon at the neck and waist. I don’t currently have a machine so the hand-sewing was a little tedious and probably doesn’t look great up close, but it does the job. You can also use fabric glue but, after testing on a scrap, I decided I didn’t like the look.


Once the ribbon was in place, it was time to grab the fabric paint and design the bodice. I rolled up a towel and placed it under the bust to keep the shape (so the folds wouldn’t get in the way). Following a picture of Fiona’s dress, I drew the flowers and then filled in the vines in between, one small area at a time, until the bodice was covered, then let it dry.


Besides a few more adjustments to make it fit, the dress was done! I used This Fabulous Little Tutorial I found on Pinterest for the tiara, and I dyed my hair red with Clairol Natural Instincts. It lasts 28 shampoos, a bit of a commitment for a costume, but I have never dyed my naturally brown hair until now, and I’d been wanting to try it.


My husband’s Shrek costume consisted of a white thermal and plaid pants (women’s pants, also from the thrift store. “Now I know why girls wear tight pants. They accentuate your butt.”) I ended up buying some fabric last-minute and making a short vest, traced from a vest he had lying around. Also made the ears out of craft foam, and he wore green body paint, a pillow for a belly, a belt, and boots.


So here we are in our finished costumes! We won best couple costume at our friends’ big Halloween party (for the second year in a row! Last year we were Mr. & Mrs. Incredible). I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Thrift store shopping can be very hit-or-miss, so of course each project is going to look different, but I hope this gave you some ideas! We would love to see photos of what you come up with!


Thanks for reading!