New Sewing Machine & Sewing Projects

A sewing machine is something that’s been on my craft wish list for a while. I keep thinking of all the projects I could do if I had one, but then other stuff adds up and it gets pushed to the bottom of the list. That’s the problem with doing multiple kinds of crafts, sometimes you have to pick & choose your supplies.

But my husband and I decided to give each other spending money for Christmas – we’re kind of bad at picking gifts for each other, except maybe fun little things – and I made sure to to leave room for the sewing machine. I even got some gift cards I used for paint, canvas, and clay stuff.

You can always get a used sewing machine on eBay or Craigslist but, little did I know, you can get a decent new one for less than a hundred dollars. They go as low as about $50 at Walmart, or as high as hundreds or thousands. There are all kinds of fancy machines out there, but I’m going to use it for pretty simple stuff. So, after talking to a friend with more experience, I settled on the Brother Basic Sewing & Mending Machine, normally $130, for $70 on Amazon (or at Target or Home Depot).

I’d kind of forgotten most of my sewing experience since using my mom’s Pfaff as a kid & teen, and later a friend’s Singer. But after buying some fabric and finding my sewing accessories, and with a little help from the manual, I practically finished my first project the same day my Brother arrived.

Of course, throw pillows are pretty easy – I didn’t even need a pattern, just measured as I went – but I did do buttons and a zipper and had no trouble switching stitches & presser feet.

Above: setting up the machine, Boots helping me work, and the finished products.

Now I can’t wait to make curtains, and maybe a cat bed and some clothes or re-fashions. I’m happy to say that I still have pretty regular Etsy sales this month, but it’s nice to have projects to do just for fun too (at least, until I mess up my pattern because I’m impatient, or the thread tension goes wonky, or my giant cat will not move but I feel bad for being annoyed). And I love having the option of customizing my clothing & home decor, and/or saving a little money by making them myself.