New Website (Again) With Store! 

I’ve decided to try again with running my own website. And despite my last attempt’s failure, there are some important differences that give me hope for this one.

I’ve mentioned this before but just wanted to briefly state that while I appreciate Etsy for helping me get my business started, and I will continue to sell there for exposure, it’s feeling less and less like the best fit for my products.

On top of that, I decided a while ago to branch into two shops, which made sense at the time but may or may not have been the best idea. Because I want to keep parts of both shops, it’s difficult to undo at this point.

So I really wanted a place of my own, for potential customers to find all of my listings in one place and not lost in all the not-so-handmade competition.

I’ve tried a lot of other platforms and most were either inconvenient or unsuccessful. My first actual website fell into both categories, especially since it didn’t even have a store. As a “solopreneur,” I really needed something fully functional but easy to update.

So, with the holidays fast approaching, I decided on Weebly and set up my site, which does have a store. I’m still on Etsy and will gladly take orders there, but I hope will be a great place for new customers to shop.

I’m also still figuring out how to integrate my blog without giving up WordPress, but for now it’s linked on the blog page and I will be using it to post updates as usual.

To kick-start sales, I’m currently giving away a free greeting card with each first time order (coupon code FREECARD). I have a lot of options that coordinate well with my art and jewelry, so it’s a great way to do some holiday gift shopping.

If you’ve stuck around through all the changes, thank you for your support, and I hope you will continue to find it worthwhile. And if you’ve just found me, welcome and please have a look around!

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