New in the Shop: Jewelry for Men



The holidays are finally over (is it bad that I’m relieved?) and I’m trying to catch up on sleep, projects, and sanity (and blog posts – sorry!) and maybe work on business goals for the slow months ahead.

I was thinking recently about why handmade jewelry is important to me, whether I’m making or buying. What I wear is a big part of how I express myself as a creative person. It might seem frivolous to some, but it really bothers me to leave the house in something that’s not “me.”

It’s not easy finding clothes that fit this description and are also the right price and fit, especially if I’m shopping for a particular occasion. But even a basic outfit seems a lot more interesting with the right piece of jewelry. And of course my favorite pieces tend to be handmade.

My shop already has a lot of options for women, so I thought it might be fun to include something for men, too. If I were a guy, I think wearing a suit might be more fun with colorful accessories. And it seems like there are fairly limited options as far as “socially acceptable” jewelry for men.

So, to start with, I’ve created several sets of cufflinks using cane designs from my other jewelry sets, which I think work for either gender. I finished them with resin and sterling-plated bases. They’re small but detailed; subtle yet unique – at least that’s what I was going for.

The three below are available in my Amazon shop. If they do well I might make some new canes and/or some tie clips, lapel pins, etc.

Lighthouse Scene Cufflinks

Birch Tree Scene Cufflinks

Snowy Mountain Scene Cufflinks
I am making some changes with my website and such, and I haven’t forgotten about those holiday posts, but that’s it for now! If you liked it please comment and share!

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