Spring Butterfly Wreath

I have a minor obsession with butterflies at the moment. Maybe it’s because of all the gorgeous species we have here in North Carolina, or maybe that one scene in the Hobbit, or maybe they are just magical, but I love them.

I am also redecorating our bedroom. It was time for a new bed set and I decided on an enchanted cottage theme (more on that later) and somehow got the idea to start making a bunch of butterflies. And then I found this fabulous wreath idea on Pinterest, so of course I had to make some more.

The original wreath project, seen Here at Up to Date Interiors, uses butterfly images printed from the internet. I did the same thing but with black outlines I could color, because printer ink is flipping expensive and I like my new markers. I made some in every color and divided them into coordinating groups for each project. It took at least a few hours between the coloring and the cutting (not that I mind, cause I was also netflixing), but I am really happy with the results. 

I’m glad I stumbled across her post, because I may have had a wreath in mind but I wouldn’t have known what type of wreath form would look best or how to attach the butterflies. Also I love her color scheme. 

Stay tuned for details on my bedroom update! 

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