My Art on Etsy


Above: greeting cards made from two of my original butterfly paintings.

I mentioned how I’m doing some experimenting with my business this year to see what works best. I have a new website, which this blog is now part of, that displays my art and connects my various web presences. I also tried putting my jewelry shop on another selling platform, but so far I think there’s a reason I’ve stuck with Etsy all this time – it’s what works for me.

That said, I’m trying a different kind of branching out – another Etsy shop! You might be thinking by now that I’m either desperate or have no idea what I’m doing. And you might be somewhat correct, haha. But my jewelry shop is doing pretty well and I want to give my art its own spotlight.

I really enjoy making and selling jewelry – it’s by far my favorite of all the jobs I’ve had. But I’m also really passionate about things like painting. I have been doing both for a long time and I enjoy them in different ways, but I don’t think throwing them together in one shop puts either one in their best light. Of course some people have multiple shops and some people successfully have shops with multiple types of items, so we will see.

My new shop features my original paintings, and I am working on doing prints and greeting cards for some more affordable options. So please head to, and if you use coupon code “WELCOME” at checkout, you can get free shipping on your first order!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share with friends.

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