Delicious Lemon Cake Recipe


When it comes to dessert, as I may have mentioned, I’m a chocolate kinda girl. I have a sweet tooth in general and I’ll try almost anything once but my mom once said she doesn’t waste calories on sugar that doesn’t have chocolate attached to it, and I kind of take after my mom.

But we were having some friends over for a birthday, and I was told she likes lemon cake. Believe it or not, avid baker that I am, I have never made it. Like I said, chocolate lover. But I like a challenge and I like to make people happy, so I set out to find a recipe.

There were several options ranging from boxed cake mix with some add-ins to super fancy and time-consuming. When I bake, I almost always bake from scratch, but I do have my limits. So I found one that looked like a happy medium.

The recipe, from {Baking is a Science}, does include three separate components: the lemon cake and the cream cheese frosting, which are both pretty easy, and the lemon curd, which has to be stirred for 15 minutes straight.

But – speaking as a chocolate fanatic, remember – it was totally worth it. Everyone loved it, and my friend and I agreed that the lemon curd is the best part. It is very tart, which balances perfectly with the mellow flavors of the cake and frosting.

I put the curd on top instead of in the middle, with piped frosting around it (and with frosting in the middle). If you would like to frost the sides as well, I’d double the frosting recipe.

My only complaint is that the cake was a little spongy. Which some people like and that’s fine. I just prefer a denser cake, I guess for it’s richness and appearance and easier frostability (is that a word?).

Next time I might try this extravagant looking “Ultimate Lemon Cake” from {Rock Recipes } or this one with blueberries added from {Sally’s Baking Addiction}. I like to experiment. But if you’re looking for a classic lemon cake of moderate difficulty, I’d totally recommend the one I made here!

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