Tutorial: Stamped Polymer Clay Tile Bracelet, Part 3

In part one {here} and part two {here} of this tutorial, I explained how to make the polymer clay beads and embellish them with paint. Here, in this last part, I will show you how to string and finish your bracelet. It’s pretty simple but I’m going to write it out anyway 😉

Step 1. Gather supplies again! You will need your finished clay beads, small accent beads, beading wire, crimp beads, crimp pliers, clasp, and (not pictured) scissors/clippers. Optional: ruler, beading tray, tiny adorable bead scoop, and…well I guess the cat’s not optional for me because he’s always there! Obviously he thinks my work is super awesome and you should tell all your friends. Or that it sucks and I need his help, not sure.

Step 2. Line up all your clay beads so the pattern matches up.

Step 3. Cut wire to twice your wrist size plus a little extra. Begin by sliding the clasp onto the middle of the wire, then add two accent beads on either side.

Step 4. String your first clay bead with one side of the wire in each hole. Then add one accent bead on each side. Repeat until all clay beads are strung.

Step 5. Add two accent beads on each side, then the other half of your clasp.

Step 6. String both ends of the wire through a crimp bead and, leaving a little space for the bracelet to bend, use your crimp tool to close the crimp bead.

Step 7. Trim ends, and you’re done! Now go show it off and please take some pictures so I can see what you’ve created!














P.S. Please see my post on Improvements to this project! 

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